Absorbent Trekking Cycling Socks
Absorbent Trekking Cycling Socks

Absorbent Trekking Cycling Socks

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Thickened cotton socks keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Elastic cuff ensures the sock in place, arch for custom fit, knitted workmanship with great breathability to prevent smelly feet and Y-shape heelpiece for contoured fit. This really a good socks for you guys trekking, climbing, hiking and skiing.

Cotton knitted socks, wearable, absorbent and sweat releasing to keep comfortable and prevent smelly foot.
Ergonomic Y-shape heelpiece design to relieve the muscle of heelpiece and ankle.
Elastic arch and cuff for contoured fit and prevent twisting and creeping down during cycling and sports.
Fine workmanship stitching eliminates the friction between the toe and socks.
Thickened high density socks designed for trekking, climbing, hiking and field training both in winter and summer.

Material: Cotton
Gender: Female / Male (optional)
Color: Pink / Red / Orange / Purple / Grey / Blue / Black (optional)
Hose length: 16-18cm / 6.2-7.0in
Weight: 80-85g / 2.8-3.0oz
Package weight: 87-92g / 3.0-3.2oz

Package list:
1 Pair * Socks