Fancy Toys Electronic Robot

Fancy Toys Electronic Robot

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This robot fish is not just a toy but also a education tool. When put into the water, it can swim in the water and shine at the same time. As for babies, they can learn a lot in playing. When the robot fish swims in the water, babies can know the sea and learn to recognize the colors of it. Besides, it is a good companion for babies. Fancy and wonderful!

Wonderful and lovely expression and colorful appearance.
It is helpful for babies to know the sea that the robot fish swims in the water.
Easy operation design, no need to read the manual.
When put into the water, it can swim in the water and shine at the same time.
Made of ABS plastic, safe and environmental friendly; no harm to babies.
Mini and lightweight, convenient for you to store.
Exquisite assemble ensures its high density water-resistant function.
Helpful to develop babies' recognization of colors.
A variety of types optional.
A good companion for babies; it may make our babies love taking baths.
Using water-resistant rubber band to the button cell is more safe and reassuring.

Type: 1, 2, 3, 4(optional)
Materia: ABS plastic + electron parts
Item size: 7 * 4.5 * 2.2cm / 2.75 * 1.77 * 0.87in
Item weight: 16g / 0.56oz
Package size: 15 * 11.3 * 2.3cm / 5.9 * 4.45 * 0.9in
Package weight: 33g / 1.16oz

1. Please check carefully whether the screw is screwed up and the cover of button cell is placed in the appropriate place.
2. Please do not drag the fish tail for the electric fish depends on its tail to swim.
3. Please remember wipe dry the robot fish and take out the cells when finish using and keep it in dry place.
4. Please do not leave the fish into the water for a long time for it is a electric toy, or it may be damaged.
5. When the water seep into the robot fish, please do not worry. Take out the cells and wipe dry. When the fish is dry, put the new cells into it. Then it can work.

Package List:
1 * Robot Fish
2 * Button Cells